Shutterstock, great photos at great prices, and I am not being paid to say this.
just a pretty flower, no significance beyond it’s beauty, which has always been almost enough alone for me. Almost, and less so lately, but still significant.

A cosmetic update only,  and only partly done. I am going to use this new theme to organise the site more like a traditional website, with fixed pages for the more popular or important posts, and more images.

For now this is it, plus the navigation above.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi jasper, my name is rose and i would like to tell you about my allergies, please let me know when your available. Thank you

    1. Hi Rose, I will send you some information on how to start exploring the subject of HT for allergies best with us by email. Sorry for the delay, I sometimes do not check here for a week or two at a time, or in this case for a month or more… Sorry about that. Jasper

  2. Trying to get in touch with Jasper for purchasing second dose of helminths. Sending emails have not been working for me.

  3. Exploring helminthic treatment & understand that you offer these services in Mexico. How would I go about making contact to discuss?

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